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Country Style Weddings are "In" Right Now

When a bride says she is having a country wedding, just what does that mean? Many images come to mind. Is she planning a wedding in a meadow? On a farm or ranch? Beside a river? Or something else? The first thing a bride needs to do is define her vision, then determine whether it can be reasonably accomplished. 
I have planned and coordinated numerous weddings in the country, some more rustic than others. We have held ceremonies on top of mountains, where we had to trim the brush to enable guests to make the climb. We have held them beside rivers and lakes. We have had receptions in tents in meadows and fields. Most recently, we held a ceremony in front of a barn with dinner in the second floor hay loft and dancing on the lower level between the horse stalls.

Protect Your Money and ID When Traveling

This is the time of year when many of us travel to family reunions, weddings, for vacation and business. On a recent trip to Ireland my wallet was stolen out of my purse while crossing a street with a group of people. The audacity, not to mention the professionalism, of the pickpocket!! I never felt a thing; I looked down and my purse was unzipped and the wallet and its contents gone.

That incident has prompted me to caution others about personal travel safety and to review how I protect myself. The following tips may help you as well.

Contact your credit and debit card companies about two weeks before leaving home to set up a travel alert. Otherwise, your cards could be denied when you try to use them.Make a photocopy of your cards and your passport if traveling internationally. Leave one copy at home and place a copy in your carry-on bag, not your checked bag, which could be lost or opened by TSA inspectors.Don't carry your money and your credit or debit cards in the same wallet.…