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Two New Bakeries Offer Sweet Treats in Boise

If you love specialty bakeries, those that make their products from scratch as opposed to those that bake using pre-packaged mixes, you are in for a treat. Sugar Rush Cupcakery opened in late October at 10804 W. Fairview Avenue in Boise. This is the latest endeavor of Family Ties Catering and Cakes, a Caldwell company well known for their baking. Though the shop specializes in cupcakes, they also offer cakes, cookies, muffins, cinnamon rolls and scones. You can also order Family Ties' famous wedding cakes. The shop includes a coffee bar with specialty coffees and plenty of space for relaxing or meeting friends.

On a recent visit I tried a maple bacon cupcake. It was delicious. Be sure to check the wide variety of flavors available, including blueberry ham waffle and more. You might discover a new favorite. For more information on the bakery, visit

Ruth Joanne's Bakery opened at 8716 Fairview Avenue in late August. The shop is part of the Art…

Add Scent to your Event

Aromatherapy isn't just for personal relaxation anymore. More and more event hosts are using aroma to set the mood for their special event. Planning a beach theme far from the ocean? Add the aroma of Ocean Breezes to your party location along with the sand and seashell decor. Store owners use pleasing scents at grand openings or to entice shoppers to purchase. Real estate agents use it to attract potential buyers and teens use it just for fun.

Most of us have used scent to set the mood at one time or another. It might be using scented candles or flowers for a dinner party or baking cookies just before an open house. Now, there are companies that will take your event to an all new level. Scent Events,, is one such company. Scent Events both rents and sells fans and accompanying "scent sleeves." The scent sleeves are available in a wide variety of aromas and two or more can be combined, such as chocolate and cinnamon, to create a unique aroma. The sce…