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Merchants: Are You Respecting Your Customer's Privacy?

Facebook! Twitter! Instagram! We are addicted to our social media. As quickly as a new site appears, people set up accounts and begin posting. That is fine if you want the world to know everything about your personal life, but problems can arise if you invade someone's privacy by sharing their personal details without permission. In some instances, sharing may expose someone to danger should a violent ex or a stalker find the post. Some employers monitor employee or potential employees' on-line activity. The less than flattering photo of someone who had too much to drink or was behaving badly could cost him or her their job or promotion.

Are You Sure You Need to Hold That Meeting?

Meetings occur every day and for just about every reason, but are they all necessary or are some a waste of time? Could your employees or teammates spend their time more productively by meeting less? Here are some things to think about.