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50 Years and Still Saying I Do

This year I have booked more 50th anniversary parties than in the past. What an accomplishment! Fifty years together through the ups and downs of life, the good times and difficult. Couples who have reached that milestone deserve to be feted, but how is up to them. Two primary issues affect the planning. One is the health of the couple and the other is budget.

Planning an Event in McCall? Better Check with the City First

Today we learned from someone in the McCall city clerk's office that their business license ordinance has been revised to reflect the need for all businesses, even those not located in McCall, to secure a business license to conduct business there. The wording is rather nebulous, saying,

"Any person or entity seeking to engage in, prosecute or carry on any trade, business or profession within the limits of McCall must obtain a General Business License from the City Clerk. "