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Social Media Etiquette for Events

No doubt about it, social media has changed our lives. We can easily stay connected with family and friends across the country and around the world. Businesses increasingly use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for marketing. All are simple to use, making it easy to fall into the habit of quickly posting or tweeting about where we are, what we are doing or what we think, sometimes multiple times each day. But sometimes those posts can backfire.

Today, employers and potential employers increasingly monitor social media. Suppose an employer sends people to a training conference only to later see posts such as, "Lame speaker" or "Bored out of my mind." The employee attended the conference to learn new things, not to spend time on his/her phone or the Internet critiquing the speaker or topics. Doing so could result in a reprimand or, unknown to the employee, a write up in their personnel file. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube should be off limits when on the job unl…

Integrity Counts in Business and in Life

Integrity is important in both business and personal lives, but what exactly is integrity? It is ethical, honest and moral behavior that promotes the welfare of everyone. Integrity, or the lack thereof, seems to become a particular issue when money is involved. Suppose you find a wallet containing money and identification in the grocery store parking lot. Do you: 1. take the wallet home and then call the owner and arrange return 2. turn the wallet in at the store or 3. take the money and toss the wallet in a dumpster?

What about the customer who overpays an invoice? Do you give them a call to find out if they intended to overpay or if someone made a mistake or do you happily keep the money?

Or what about the event that will occur at a facility where your company had a past issue and has been told not to return. You are contacted by someone wanting your services and it is a several thousand dollar contract at a slow time of year. Do you go ahead and book the event then try to figure o…

Hosting a Shower by Webcam

Recently I was invited to a baby shower for an expectant mom who lives in another state. Pregnancy complications occurred shortly before the shower, making it impossible for her to travel. However, with today's technology there was no need to cancel the shower. The invitations had gone out; gifts had been purchased, so let the party continue.

Through the use of a webcam and Skype, the guest of honor was able to almost fully participate in her shower, minus enjoying the cake and punch. Her sister opened the gifts to oohs and ahhs and much laughter, as well as a few tears. Friends enjoyed visiting with each other and with the long distance mommy.

You can host a similar shower or a party if you have a close friend or relative who is a bride or mom-to-be you that you and your friends would like to honor. Don't let distance be a deterrant.