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Economy Continues to Affect Wedding Planning

This past weekend I coordinated two weddings. The first was paid for by the two sets of parents with a small amount contributed by the couple. The second was paid for entirely by the couple. According to a survey conducted by, 92 percent of couples today help pay for some or all of their wedding expenses. As the economy continues to lag, couples are rethinking their choices and watching every penny. Nationally, wedding expenditures dropped approximately 10 percent between 2008 and 2009 and that trend may continue.

As couples consider what is important to them and what they can live without or compromise on, some are  turning to used items. A gently used gown may be a consideration or used centerpiece items. Men are increasingly choosing to wear suits they own rather than renting a tux. Couples are looking for the best deals in locations. Fewer are hiring bands or even DJs, choosing instead to create their own music on an iPod or laptop. You can even buy a u…

"After Parties" Increase in Popularity

After parties have been around for years. Some are planned events occuring after a major event; others are spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment get-togethers. After parties often occur after proms and similar events, when parents host a late night get together for their child and his or her friends.

As the economy continues to make people more budget conscious, we are seeing more pre-planned parties occuring after larger weddings. Depending on circumstances, the bride and groom may feel the necessity to invite a large number of work associates, students, class mates, members of an organization or club, or their church congregation to their wedding. From an etiquette perspective, they are expected to entertain those guests, though it doesn't need to be elaborate or last several hours. Therefore, couples are choosing to have a simple reception after the ceremony (often cake and punch) followed by a much smaller after party for close family and friends. Doing so stretches limited budgets…