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Objective Journalism???

Last week I received a phone call from a writer with a national magazine. She had been assigned to write an article about the exodus to the "exurbs" (the suburbs of the suburbs for those of you who live in the wide open spaces). In places like southern California, New York City, and Chicago, those who want to purchase an affordable home are moving waaaaay out and commuting an hour or more each way to work. Many of exurbanites are young families.
Now those of us who are trained in rational thought and good research methods would surmise the phenomonem is probably caused by the lack of affordable housing closer to the city or perhaps by the desire for homeownership despite the toll on personal time and the added stress. But not our friends at the magazine, oh no. They decided the cause is that women are desperate to get married and are therefore jumping into marriage at a younger age and producing all these young families that need an affordable place to live.
The reporter had…

Event Planners Beware - Wedding Scam

A new scam is going around, apparently a version of the Nigerian scams that are so prevalent. In this instance, someone in another country, usually in the U.K. or Europe, contacts an event planner in the U.S. They say they are planning an event in the U.S. and need to hire the planner. Of course, the event isn't being held anywhere near where the planner lives, so there is no opportunity to ask for a personal meeting. The planner will have to travel to the site of the event - all expenses paid.
Once initial contact has been established, the person says they have hired a photographer, videographer, live band, etc. from Europe and they need the planner to send money to the person or group so they can purchase tickets. There are promises to wire both the planner's fee and reimbursement for the funds wired to the photographer. Money may be wired but the check will bounce. Should someone fall for the scam, they will never see their money again and of course there is no event.
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Best Ever Wedding Show

Our annual wedding show, the Wedding Party Show, held yesterday and today, was the best ever. We set record attendance numbers, both for the number of brides who attended and the total guests who attended. In addition to the paid advertising, we sent out press releases to several section editors of our local newspaper and to other daily and weekly papers, radio and TV stations in the area. The press releases generated three stories and a number of listings on community calendars.

The people who attended were serious about their planning, not just browsing, and they were booking merchants right and left. If the show was an indication, 2005 should be a banner wedding year.