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Teenage Invitations Require Imagination

Want to invite your boyfriend or girlfriend to the prom or to homecoming? No longer is it cool to simply ask. Teens today are finding unique and creative ways to ask and to respond to invitations to school dances and other special activities. For instance, an invitation saying "It would be cool if you would go to the homecoming dance with me" might be presented frozen inside a block of ice. An invitation that says "I am dying to go to the prom with you" might be presented inside a box of fabric dye. 

The receipient of the invitation is then expected to respond in a manner similar to the method used for the original invite. If presented with an ice block, the response might say something like "I'm shivering with delight" and be placed in a cold beverage. If given a box of dye, the response might be "Roses are red; violets are blue; I'd love to go to the prom with you" presented with a box of the appropriate dye color, or in this case, tw…

Sweet Trend: Cake Pops and Truffles

We served these colorful cake pops at a recent wedding. (They were actually dark purple, not blue, as they appear in the photo.) Guests were delighted with them and with the contrast between the soft, sweet interior and the smooth outer coating. A cake truffle is simply a cake pop without the stick; the process to make them is the same.

Though easy to make, the pops are time-consuming and a bit messy. If you plan to make your own, you can find recipes on the internet. Any cake flavor can be used, though the coating is limited to either white or chocolate candy coating, though food coloring can be added to white coating. Let your imagination run wild with the accents. You might use chopped nuts or candy, baking sprinkles, coconut, designs made with icing or many other items. For Halloween you might use spice cake dipped in orange coating and add a jack-o-lantern face. For St. Patrick's Day, add green food coloring to both the cake batter and the icing. The possibilities are limite…