Covid-19 and Its Affect on Events

With the world-wide outbreak of the coronavirus, we find ourselves navigating uncharted waters. Events are being cancelled or postponed. Merchants are either cooperating or not. Currently, we are asked to keep gatherings at 10 or fewer for the protection of all.

I have had events both cancelled and postponed. In one case, the venue wants to move forward, but merchants do not. In another case, the venue is closed but merchants are refusing to reschedule. One thing we are learning from this experience is to read contracts carefully to find out about cancellation policies. In many cases, contracts are designed to protect the vendor in case the event host cancels. Rarely do they protect the event host in case of emergencies like the one we are seeing now. As you read contracts, be sure they include a clause to protect you. If they do not, ask to have one added.

If you are planning a wedding, you can still obtain a marriage license, but it may not be in the usual manner with a trip to your local courthouse. Check your county's website to find out how to secure your license. You may also not be able to meet with a judge to perform your ceremony. 

So far this year (September 2020), I have had two COVID weddings, both of which were postponed from earlier months and one of which had to be moved to another county because of the venue's limitation of only 10 guests/attendees. That would have been the wedding party, photographer, DJ and me - no guests allowed.                                                        

We will get through this and we can all learn new and valuable lessons which may make our businesses stronger and safer. 


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