Need Lodging? Consider Renting an AirBnB

You are planning your wedding, a family reunion or another event that will include out of town guests. Maybe your church or another organization is planning a retreat or team building activity and would like participants to stay together in one location. Renting an AirBnB or similar property may be the perfect solution.

sheepherder's wagon
Short term rentals have taken the market by storm, often allowing travelers more flexibility than that offered by a hotel. Rentals vary from a room to an entire home to something more quaint. A friend recently stayed in a converted sheepherder's wagon when on a whitewater rafting trip. Another friend stayed in a boat that had been towed to a meadow. Just think of the memories created by staying in either facility. 

When renting a short term vacation property, be certain the owners are in compliance with all applicable laws, both state and municipality.
The owners should have registered the AirBnB as a business. They must collect and remit taxes, including sales tax, lodging tax and possibly others. AirBnB and some other rental sites collect and remit the taxes for the owners, but may not include them in the advertised rental rate. Therefore, don't expect the rate you see listed to be the actual rate you will pay. When I rented the upper floor of a home in Wisconsin, I thought the rate was very reasonable until taxes totaling approximately $30 were added. That brought the actual cost up to that of renting a hotel room. However, we had much more space and the flexibility to prepare our own meals, making the AirBnB a better choice. 

If you enjoy traveling and like to stay in unique places, on a working farm perhaps, or you want flexibility for your out of town guests, choosing a short-term rental may be the perfect solution.


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