Planning to Rent a Bounce House? Beware!

This is summer party season, a time when bounce houses are in demand for birthday parties, wedding receptions, company picnics and other events. Kids love them, but are they really safe? You have heard about the plethora of germs found in fast food restaurant play areas. Well, they are also found in bounce houses. If the rental center does not disinfect the bounce house after each use, it can be a breeding ground for staph, chicken pox, measles and other diseases, including topical skin infections. Even a new bounce house can harbor bacteria.

bounce houseBefore renting any inflatable on which children or adults climb, sit or bounce, ask the rental center about their cleaning procedures between uses, assuming they have any. Whether they clean or not, you may want to wipe down the unit with antibacerial spray before allowing children to use it. When your child exits the bounce house, wipe their exposed skin with antibacterial wipes.

Children (and adults too) love bounce houses. They aren't going away. With a few precautions, your child can enjoy him or herself without the need for a doctor's visit afterward.


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