Cinder Winery Now Booking Social Events

 If you enjoy wine and you are looking for a venue for 100 or fewer guests, Cinder Winery in Garden City may be the place. This past weekend I coordinated my first event there. The venue includes tables, chairs and linens. You can choose your own caterer. A minimum wine purchase is required and the winery can secure beer for your event; coffee, tea and other non-alcoholic beverages are your responsibility. Hard alcohol is not permitted.

Don't be put off by the exterior, which looks like a warehouse, and the small parking lot. The interior has an industrial feel with galvanized steel, high ceilings and even a small art gallery on the balcony level. If you are having a wedding, the ceremony usually occurs in front of the rack of wine barrels (see below). The rental fee is in line with most local venues.
 The winery is open to the public until 5 p.m., so your event must occur in the evening and must finish by 10 p.m. For information about having your special event here, visit


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